A Star Falling Upon My Intricate Nest

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(photo credit to unknown photographer online)

I went for a visit

in a forest of old cement

I was led on top of an ancient house

only to find landing on a tree

* * *

It has branches

growing into untouchable dimensions

It has breath respiring into the cold Covid night

into the invisible gaps of time

* * *

I was perching on top of the tree

listening to the silent murmurs of the stardust

whispering the secrets of life

onto the willing skin

* * *

I, naked like a new born, gazed into the sky

I felt warm but fresh

my veins of blood and mind

like sturdy roots extending to intertwine with the tree

like two giant hands reaching out

to catch a star

falling upon my intricate nest.

Scoop her into your hands

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She is thinking of you,

tacitly shy

with her skirt slowly spread,

An image blurred by the darkness

Me as well, he said.

She is silent but

gracefully desires you to scoop her

into your hands

to kiss these petals

like you to kiss the lips in your mind…

Scoop her into your hands

Silence and Words

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So brief you are

like two drops of spring

from a silent wet rock

So few words

yet each sounds like a needle on a drum

So minutia I am

like the plan of cosmos

from high above

So voluminous my words

yet the whole sings one

being all parts in a chorus

the song of a fine heart

in which lives the mysterious God

that insists in the silence and solidity of the rock

Whoever hears God speak

either briefly and wondrously from afar

or abundantly and elaborately with profound love

Silence and Words

The Face of Almighty

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A little devil with horns,

definitely assumes that 

flowers will surely dry with time, 

and the horns will surely sigh…

* * *

The only assumptions that are right

are those that all life end, 

horns droop,

and flowers wither and die…

* * *

Lucky we are, 

I, still am,

pretty and fit with flowers pinned in the hair,

you, still are 

handsome with shaggy mane,

we, still are

with the savvy of desires…

* * *

I may have uttered that I love you, 

the 3 words that may connote burden,

yet, I might’ve had already fallen,

long before I met you, 

I, a proud yet transcended light little humble being,

full of noble love for life in her ecumenic heart,

with you on the horizon…

* * *

In fact, we are all vulnerable with cruel melting time,

without the mercy of eternity,

With no tears, 

everyone cries…

* * *

No one can assume love’s magic, 

as no one witnessed life’s solidity, 

so why worry unsavvily, we, the little humans,

the definition of relative relations,

and the non-existing eternity…

* * *

You see me, yet not me,

a vessel that contains 

a little universe, mysterious and intricate;

a little heart that embraces big, 

also the one who randomly stood on her feet.

* * *

I see you, yet not you,

the Face of Almighty, 

with virtues that may and may not exist…

a pair of eyes with light that may only just be passing by me…

* * *

I can lend you a shovel 

for the snow that may only be dreamed, favourably still summer, 

You can lend me your shoulders, propitiously still erect, 

for tears that may ordinarily be assumed, 

of sorrow, yet may very well be imagined,

transcendentally, of joy! 

Love in the Time of Corona

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Snow Statue by anonymous artist in Parc Lafontaine Montréal

Love in the time of Corona
snow lovers found refuge in the park
one unique white as if wearing nothing
one only desire as if the last.

Inseparable in the time frozen
soundless, it cries for love
disguised hunger in obvious elegance
so tightly intertwined the diaphanous hearts.

Whiteness the purity
unscrupulousness the destiny
Silently they murmur with connection
give and take the most before melting.

Howl in mute like a fish into the thin air
moan heart out into each other’s ear
a confession of LOVE’s vulnerability
“How much I have loved you…remember,
and I will love you forever…”

Hai Bo (海 波)
February 14th, 2021