About Hai Bo

Hai Bo, born and educated in China, worked 9 years for universities and 10 years in China for European and North American companies from 1992 to 2002. She became a Canadian Permanent Resident in 2001 and started her financing career as a mortgage broker in Montréal in 2003, obtaining great success as one of the few first Chinese mortgage brokers in Montreal. She has helped hundreds of Chinese with their home and investment property purchases and refinancing.

Hai Bo was an English language and literature major, thus allowing her a swift obtention of French language, the fast melting into local societies with efficiency and profundity. Not only she works wholeheartedly for her clients in financing, she senses and recognizes with great empathy the difficulties of Chinese immigrants integrating into a new multicultural society.

Besides assisting her clients with solid financial consultation, she wishes to further help them in spiritual ways with her positive, energetic and enlightening writings. She writes in Chinese, English and French about her professional and personal experiences in Canada on her blog, and also writes about the Chinese people, China, Quebec, Canada for  Caixin website (Beijing based financial/commercial blog) and for the Albert Forchielli’ s Osservatorio Asia .

Since 2009, Hai Bo has been researching for further and more suitable investment mechanisms for her clients, as the real estate market has reached its full potential. The house prices and the debt ratio of rental properties have become too high to be worth investing in. What do we then do with the equity on the properties? Where do we put our money wisely and safely so that it does not depreciate with inflation and time?