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Birthday Gift to My Son!

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Dear Qiaofu:

Today it is your birthday. It is not an ordinary birthday for you, not a plain one for me neither.

Most of your birthdays, I could only hear your voice over the phone crossing ocean and lands, crossing 12,000 miles half way around the world and I could only wish you Happy Birthday, hoping that you could feel my love through these 4 pale Chinese words 生日快乐, hoping with a slight worry and doubt that you be alright without me everyday in your life…

In Control of Fear – II – Investment

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To do investment is nothing different than to ski. I say that to invest in real estate in the long term is like to go ski. We have the immovables ( properties ) as the solid base that we can see and touch all the time, just like having  the earth under our feet when… Read more »

A new article on the ACAIQ website

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Discharge of a hypothec on an immovable: New rules are coming into effect on January 1, 2009 The purpose of these new rules is to make real estate transactions more secure for all stakeholders, including the seller, the buyer, the old and the new mortgage creditors, and the notary.A

Kindle the Light in the Eyes of our Children!

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All say that it is difficult to have adolescents. I don’t know if it is a fact that most people experienced it true or just that us parents are not prepared to deal with different kids of our new world. I am lucky that my son stayed in China with his dad till he finished… Read more »

In Control of Fear! — I – Learn Skiing!

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We all have fear  whenever we try new things.  Fear is like a devil who only scares those who do not and can not control it. Those who are in control pass though the gate where the threshold symbolizes the entrance into another brand new world. Learning to do investment and managing your financial affairs are just… Read more »