After all, we do understand

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The sun,

rises behind the mountain

and over the waves it sets down

in-between the hours

it plays, observes and it listens


The sea,

unmeasurably vast as thoughts

holds millions of life in colours

fresh in dawn, hot in day

warn and shy when the sun hides away


Village of “Memories”

randomly scattered pebbles

parasols made with rough palm trees

sky high coconut giants

and the cuban woman not far away

paint their silhouettes

on the white sand bay


She is all famous on the beach

earthly dark as a statue of bonze

missing a few teeth when smiling

she offers to do me braids

we laugh and laugh

saying “no espñol”, “no inglès”


but we look into each other’s eyes

we see the sky, the mountain

and the sun

we hear the music of shuuu…shushu…

of the sea waves

and after all, we do understand


Oct.9th, 2015

At Jibacoa Memories Resort , Cuba

One Response to “After all, we do understand”

  1. Liboire Brassard

    Very beautiful and the pictures of lovely and a picture that completes the words, the feelings the emotions and the faith that no matter what language barriers are we can still come to an understanding! IL&G


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