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The Hidden Seduction – Part VII-3 – The Logic

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Part VII-3 – The Logic Ou Yang stayed in Simone’s house a very long time that Sunday. She made very clear her wronged feelings and righteous logic. She cried a few times as she talked about the sacrifice she had made for her little family, as though she had stooped to marrying Ge Wen. Simone… Read more »

Problems Abroad Indicate Problems At Home!

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    “Chinese gold miners abused and raped Ghanaians, says online report” South  China Morning Post Read this report on Alberto’s FB . It reminds me of these two photos posted above. They are taken in China, somewhere unknown with anonymous photographers,  posting or publishing agencies. No matter how afraid the photographers are to disclose the ugliness… Read more »

The Hidden Seduction-Part VII-2 – Scared and Desperate

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Part VII-2 – Scared and Desperate   At about 10 am one Sunday morning, Simone’s cellular rang as she was preparing some documents for her clients in her home office. “Hi, Simone. It’s Ge Wen!”  Simone didn’t know Ge Wen was back. “Oh, oh, Ge Wen na! How are you?” She was happy to hear… Read more »