Love in the Time of Corona

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Snow Statue by anonymous artist in Parc Lafontaine Montréal

Love in the time of Corona
snow lovers found refuge in the park
one unique white as if wearing nothing
one only desire as if the last.

Inseparable in the time frozen
soundless, it cries for love
disguised hunger in obvious elegance
so tightly intertwined the diaphanous hearts.

Whiteness the purity
unscrupulousness the destiny
Silently they murmur with connection
give and take the most before melting.

Howl in mute like a fish into the thin air
moan heart out into each other’s ear
a confession of LOVE’s vulnerability
“How much I have loved you…remember,
and I will love you forever…”

Hai Bo (海 波)
February 14th, 2021

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