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“La Chinita” and the Gracious “Meritocracy”

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When I was listening to a piece of Salsa music on Youtube called  La “Chinita” by El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico last night, a piece that my Salsa teacher David Zepeda played when he taught me dancing, my eyes scanned something that was surprisingly unexpected to see, especially on Youtube. The title was even in Chinese: “快乐的女战士-万泉河水” (The… Read more »

The Hidden Seduction – Part IV – 1 – Elizabeth Mackay!

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  Part IV – 1 – Elizabeth Mackay   The mild light shone through the windows of their little cottage, and diffused onto the thick white snow lying leisurely around the house. From the cottage, frozen and stiff  outside in the -25 C cold, came the soft  notesof Erik Satie from the basement. Yes, the small cottage where… Read more »