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A Day Worth Celebrating & Remembering!

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–Dedicated to Francois Croteau, Luc Trahan & Richard Julien Today is a day worth celebrating and remembering for me. It is not my birth, neither the birthday of anyone I know, nor the funeral of anyone who died of a good death! It is a day for me to enter into a new era, when… Read more »


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To Giovanni, my young Mexican friend Giovanni: Nowadays, we do not write letters any more because we invented e-mails which are editable when writing and faster in reaching the destination. Imagine, in an hour’s time, you will be reading my letter! And because of internet, we meet virtually and become friends of language learning, which… Read more »

Our Bodies, Age and Sickness!

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Just went out to move my car from one side to the other on Fabre street at Plateau Mont-Royal, because from 10:00 to 11:00am, it is the time to clean this side of the street. Fabre is a street full of mature trees and leaves fall at this time of the year. There are so… Read more »

Dreams! – to People who Love Life!

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I remembered that  my previous husband told me quite a few times that he was “a person with no dreams”. I don’t think he meant that he does not dream during nights, but rather that he does not have dreams as such that he has not been familiar with and that he couldn’t think himself doing,… Read more »