Our Bodies, Age and Sickness!

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Just went out to move my car from one side to the other on Fabre street at Plateau Mont-Royal, because from 10:00 to 11:00am, it is the time to clean this side of the street. Fabre is a street full of mature trees and leaves fall at this time of the year. There are so many yellow leaves on my screen that I have to get rid of them myself! Wonderful leaves, but they left their life resource and become a free colorful decoration of the beautiful eternal earth.

Got a cold 2 days ago! It has been so long that devil has ever attacked again! I just boasted about my good health condition that I had not been sick for almost 10 years than I am being punished by catching a cold! For the past 10 years, I have been protected by my active professional life and sportive schedule.

I once heard that being busy can keep us from our miseries. I believe that is true. I used to work in a little clinic as a receptionist in 1999 and I saw that people who are sick and come in for the doctors are always those same people: immigrants or elderly retired! Why? we might say that immigrants have not got used to the weather here and the elderly are doomed to be sick because they are getting old! I think that might also not be true, because we can see that many other sick people in other clinics are not immigrants or elderly retired. These immigrants are just as unlucky as those non-immigrants who have probably never understand why they are always sick.

Me myself got attacked after 9 and half months of being professionally idle… I have busy personal life, but for a person like me whose profession is as important, it falls short some where! I am not a person who vent my worries to people and try to seek solutions from else where, but I do have a kind of deep concern which sort of wears me down. I am at the end of a career, end of a glamorous circle finding myself at the end of the road in-between challenges. I need new challenges! I need it so bad that my body is telling me by giving me a little pain: enough wondering, fix the target and go for it!

I got sick, but strangely, it stopped getting worse. I just have a slight head ache, a bit of uneasiness in the throat and I look a bit under weather ( well, damn weather as well, always raining! ). I have been protected by drinking water every day, even during the night and also by the little magic Chinese pill that I take whenever I sense the sickness on its way…I have always been keeping these pills in my purse and under my pillow just in case…

My pills did not save me in January, 1985 when I got deadly sick after my very first boy friend left me. That was one week before I took the exams for my post-graduate studies and that was the worst once I ever experienced! 42 degrees not only burned my body, it also burned my heart. I had no one beside me, so I had to send for my mom from 8 hours of train ride away. My sensitive mom was sitting beside my little single bed, looking at me with her tired eyes. I really do not think she would know the relation between the degree of seriousness of the problem and the failure of my first serious relationship other than the physical illness. I never told my mom what had happened and I swallowed all the moral and physical pain I went through after the operation, because I would not like to be burned again by my mom if she would have known what had happened!

Very interestingly I find that the older I get, the less ill I become. Maybe it is because when we are young, the metabolism helps the sickness develop much faster than when we are older when our metabolism slows down. Sickness was my best friend between 10-15 years old. Every year, I fell seriously sick once. I would suffer 41 degrees, have to lie in bed for 3-4 days, could not eat or drink and even could not sit up. If I had done those things, I would have vomited.  And I had been car sick all the time until I was 18! All my teenager’s life was just full of spiritual mundane and intolerable sickness…hell!  Being young is good, because our spirit is still sleeping, it has not waken up to suffer from the attacks of the sickness and to feel more the pain…

I do not know how much of a connection there is between the spiritual conscience and frequency of being physically sick.  It seems to me that the older we are, the less we are sick. Of course, the more conscious we become, the more we know our bodies, the more we know the relationship between our body and soul, the more we are taking care of them, then they have less of chances to get sick. When we are young, life is just a colorless, endless, timeless days and months and years, we thought 20 years old is too old and we did not know how young 40 years old could be! Life gains its true meaning and strength till we get around 40!

Winter is coming with colorful leaves flying, yet there will be spring soon bringing out green ones full of oxygen. Life always has its course and we need to understand that goals keep our body and soul healthy.  We are getting more and more intelligent each human-being everyday, every generation in diverting our focus from our grown-up children to the continuation of our own course of life, to follow the balance of Yin & Yang and to fulfill the beautiful purpose of our life.  Be conscious and be well, we will age gracefully with no real sickness!

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