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We are born with nothing! We are born as animals! We are not better than nothing if we do not have spirit and we are nothing better than animals if we do not have faith!

We are all generally lucky that we live in the 21st century, an epoch when way of life has become this much superior and of such a great comfort, information gathering is this much easier and faster, and most importantly and as the result of our ancestors endless effort, our thoughts have been this much advanced than all other creatures on the planet.

Some of us are even luckier that we have chosen different roads. I am not talking about religions, for the subject of which arguments will flood my door. I am talking about the essence of superior life and the basics for you and me as an energy-economic, healthy and happy human being.

I am not really interested in following morals, judging me or other people right or wrong. These tasks have been taken care by families, schools and laws.

I do care about my spirit and your spirit. It is not all necessarily taken care by our parents, our schools and laws, because either our parents have non or they are struggling themselves driven by dissatisfaction or fear, or schools are too busy fulfilling their targets given. Laws, they are just jurisprudence, they can guide you in general social behaviors, but your spirit is up or down, it is up to us ourselves.

We are all animal natured-human beings. We live our lives as they are given, yet we are not only animal natured and we have something else! It is this spirit – the energy, the intelligence,the diligence, the motivation, the generosity, the kindness, the forgiveness, the brevity, the courage, the love for ourselves and for people around us, after all, the faith which holds us from falling, refills our hearts with energy and love and faithfully backs us up whenever we want to give up and give in!

This spirit is leading towards healthiness and happiness, rigorousness and longevity, harmony and creativity! This spirit gives endless energy and guides us in economically using this energy in paving the road to our eternity: To live with grace and love and to die with no regret, no guilt, and with happiness and contentment.

This faith is nothing but us and our choice! Everyone has this Omnipotent spirit, yet not everyone realizes it and liberates it. Some not only ignore it, but also build around walls for themselves and put mines for others. The faith is persistence, trust, to be trustworthy, to give help and love to people around and people whom even we do not know. The faith is to hold the flag all the time, never give up and never give in.

Free the spirit, free our spirit, with faith as our guide, then what are we afraid of, what problems can’t we solve, what language don’t we understand, what can’t be built in our lives, and after all, what purpose can’t we achieve?

Free the spirit, free our spirit, relax about the worries, forget about being right or wrong and save our energy from fighting for being right, encourage ourselves for higher goals; look into ourselves and there we have everything we need! We do not have to look for it anywhere else! We have got everything we need! Just open our heart, just open our mind and let the spirit work for us. Once we find our spirit, free it with the faith as our guide to bring us healthiness and joy and to achieve higher goals.

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