I Left You Behind to Be Refound

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I Left you behind

calling you every weekend

to say I love you

to HEAR the years pass by...

I left you behind in firm hands

on a solid ground you stand

till you boarded the plane

across the ocean and land

We are mother and son

blood unites after years of void

after time that can not be rerun

but love ascends time and space, and we refound

Now I left you at an arm’s distance

I don’t have to call you every weekend

to say I love you

now I SEE the years with you just over the fence

I want you to have the world

the universe with hidden treasures

the labyrinth to go find your faith

the health to carry all my wishes

I have so so much love for you

like the love one has just before one dies

the love one can never say enough

like the dumplings trapped in the kettle…

I have so much aspirations for us

like for the young apple tree in the new garden

I have hopes that would heal the wounds

mend and amend the paths of lives of generations…

Happy birthday, my son:

The stars may fade, yet my love for you will always stay!

Wonderful healthy years to come,

with firm values and happiness!

If you can not find them, then create them!


Jan.30th 2021.

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