Let Raindrops Slide on your Feathers

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Let Raindrops Slide on Your Feathers


Sunny day gets dark
wind blows
clouds float
rain starts

River surface lost its peace
underneath fish hear the beat
ripples crowd up
until raindrops become a chorus

A duck in silky feathers
of blue, grey and charcoal colours
he doesn’t have time to find shelter
but let raindrops slide, eyes closed, wings shut

Within no time, sun comes out
the duck sees green greener, smells flowers fresher
he flaps his wings
no rain has ever entered



Hai Bo

For people with problem of depression.

August 12th, 2014

2 Responses to “Let Raindrops Slide on your Feathers”

  1. Michael Currie

    This is a lovely poem, perhaps inspired by the very sad death of Robin Williams just one day before.

    Depression is truly a silent killer – no one can see what lurks inside the head of someone with that kind of internal turmoil.

    • Hai Bo Wang

      Indeed. When the person has a closer relationship with us (Robin Williams has come into our hearts through his works), the possibility of bad news scares us into not knowing what to say or what to do, fearing whatever we say or do might unknowingly make things worse…It was actually written for a young friend I know, who suffers from depression…So it was not dedicated to Robin who is already gone, rather to people close to us who is still suffering… But it happened to be written after the announce of the death of Robin Willaims.

      Thanks for liking it!


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