The True Gap Between People

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(photo of Hai Bo with Dan)

( Hai Bo attended the seminar  given by Mr. Dan Bastasic, one of IA Clarington Strategic Managers from Toronto on 23rd floor, 2000 Mcgill College, Montreal)

Hai Bo’s thoughts after the seminar:

The True Gap Between People

I am in the profession of investment. I help people who want to be different and do better.

And I am a literature/philosophy major by which I observe people and the world. People or clients around me constantly make me think: what is the thing that makes the gap between them?

If we all have a good head and a healthy body, we start our lives from the same line. But two/three decades, or even one decade after, the gaps between people are astonishingly formed and getting larger year after year.

Usually people only see visible gaps such as revenue differences, differently priced cars/houses they possess, places they can afford to stay and visit, or activities they go about, etc. but seldom people see the true yet hidden originating gap between them.

This hidden gap starts from the WAY of THINKING. Nothing else.

It starts way back to an age of teens and twenties, or for some late comers like me, it starts from the moment they are enlightened. A person’s financial situation after his/her 50s of age is decided by NOTHING BUT his/her THOUGHTS and the WAY of his/her thinking.

The world is ABSOLUTELY fair. We wonder how we get to the places we are at right now. It is NOT because of our parents who might put a silver spoon in our mouths, our formal educations which mean less and less adequate, our jobs that eat away our time and exhaust us in body and soul, AND not because we are terribly loving, nice, stylish, nor that we are moral,

It is indeed because of:

Curiosity, Open-mindedness, the will and intelligence for understanding a little bit of a complex, Patience for listening to things seem hard to comprehend at the beginning, Persistence to get the answers that would scare MOST people away or dive deeper to THE place where lazy people give up the journey not even half way, AAAAND the ability to trust, an ability and quality that is based on the proper knowledge acquired with the proper correct ways of cognition and that MOST people find it hard and impossible not possess.

Life is a delicious dish for which we are provided ALREADY with ALL the ingredients. We are presented ALREADY with ALL the paths that we need for whichever one we like to step our feet on. It is absolutely UP to THE person.



Have a good day!

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