Aladdin & His Magic Lamp!

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Old n shabby lamp

lights up Aladdin’s dark little room

though behind him is still the frightening shadows, the far corners still dim n gloom

the importance lies in the eyes of Aladdin, the eyes with keen n flickering flames…

Who gives us a magic lamp?

what lights us our path?

what drives away our fear?

n what keeps the flicker flicker n pokes up the dying  fire?

Flame n eyes

it radiants into the eyes, 90 degrees direct

they reflect the glow not slanted cause they are searching

n for more the reason of understanding the connection…

It doesn’t belong to his servant who traded it for a new

It belongs to the only Aladdin who treasured the old n shabby one

even though he lost it and has to gain it back

yet it is His anyway, the magic lamp of Aladdin

Am I your magic lamp?

n are you my magic one!

mutual connection lights up our path

we are the light for each other n we are Aladdin at the same time!

Poet: Hai Bo

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