会飞翔的猫!The Cat That Can Fly!

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You know not


the moment sent me back to one year ago.

恍惚,一瓣花瓣落上肩頭。  你的頸項, 辛香的樟樹。

In a trance, a petal falls on the shoulder. Your neck, the fragrant Camphor tree.

我閉上眼睛就是黑暗,我現在要為自己綁上一條布帶,這樣就不會睜開眼 。

It is darkness with my eyes closed, I will cover them with a ribbon, so they don’t open.


Butterflies flying by, scratching my skin, the wings fluttering , once, twice, 3 times. Reaching out to catch it, will you die in my hand?



“You gaze at me as if you were in love with me.”



You should not trust easily, for your life has been constantly misunderstood.

靈魂不斷的增重,上面砸滿了雞蛋,菜葉,垃圾。它踽踽獨行,  帶著滿身的傷痛,為自己畫上最美的蛾眉,穿上皇帝的新衣。

The spirit never stops getting heavy, with eggs, vegetable leafs & garbage. It travels lonely, bearing pain, painting the most beautiful willow eyebrows, putting on the king’s new dress.


It is darkness when eyes closed, I once told you, I was only afraid of darkness. What I meant is I do not care.


I fall again & again, it really hurts. No light, no one, only darkness.


I see many people watching  afar, I see only the lower legs of their pants.


Till I see her, her familiar smell bringing tears all over, she says, you are you, no matter what happens, I will be there.



“Can I open my eyes now? Well prepared to accept this scary world?”


我不知道我是否又掉落進命運的陷阱,  眼神裡的淪陷。一場註定失敗的戰爭。

I know not if I have fallen into destiny’s trap, fallen in the eyes. A war doomed to be lost.


Tell me, if your heart is not trembling.


I tell you, I forgot already the pain.


I know that I am no longer lovely as I should be, I am just a cat, an injured cat, dirty


but you, are like a pond of clear jade water, with me bathing inside


I fall in a second’s illusion,


shaking my short weak hair, and I could fly, so that I can kiss.



“A story with no end is a good one”



I do not want promises, no roses, neither loving murmuring, I do not want even a relation


Just let me fall asleep in the curves of your arms


Dreaming a little flower, falling into your hair. Dreaming a little cat, jumping onto your knees. Dreaming a nice dream.


I want to read the whole night, not sleep, I hope time passes at double the speed.


I wish that I can hear your voice when I feel lost, I see that you are already deeply asleep, me drinking cups of coffee at night


I wish to let you see the still beautiful me even in my ugliest days.


I wish to drag you to go see the blue sky next summer, to pick a little flower and decorate your hair.


To see your lovely smile.


Poet: Zhi Chan Wang ( niece of Hai Bo Wang )

Interpretor: Hai Bo

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  1. 王 海波

    The lost of our children
    They are between Hell and Heaven
    Time advances, but hearts darkened
    Is love more precious after being lost?
    Does life earn more dignity after being re-found?
    How long does it take us to breathe without gasp?
    How difficult is it to return to nature without going through the ups and downs?


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