D. Letterman, B.Clinton and Me!

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David Letterman, the famous millionaire US late-night showman, was talking about himself and the terrible terrible things he did on his show for a change! Who said he himself is not a celebrity chatting almost 20 years with all kinds of people from all kinds of professions about all kinds of subjects!?! Indeed, he becomes even more famous because of this notorious, awkward and very weird life experience he went through very recently and surely even more of a celebrity now that he talked about his own awkward and weird experience on his own show!!!

He had affaires with women in his TV show crew!!! And he got blackmailed for 2 million dollars!!! What a damn rich man, eh? to be rich enough to have his dark secrets dug up and used for some even darker purposes!!! He and his lawyers were smart enough to have gone visiting the public prosecutor for a solution. He wrote a fake check of 2 millions. This Halderman was stuningly stupid enough to go cash the damn check!!!! There he was caught hot!!! Now he was facing years in jail!!!!

Both did terrible things! Letterman himself repeated the word “terrible” twice in a slow funny way!! That a famous man getting discovered having sex with women in his crew while still married seems ugly enough and presumably bad enough for his career!! This blackmailer uses the Lithuanian moral sense of guilt as his base of his terrible terrible action of balckmailing! He thought that Letterman would keep his good name among his viewers by satisfying the blackmailer’s plan and play on the guilt concept! Once the apple is rotten, we have no choice but to throw it out completely! Once Letterman’s terrible terrible things were discovered, what choice did he have but to smartly give out his attitude himself? As well, once a man’s soul is rotten with greed, what choice did Letterman have about him? Smart and courageous Letterman and his lawyers made the right decision and let his terrible terrible thing go in public.

The audience seemed fine about his moral issues that are connected with his own bedroom and let him deal with his personal relations about his personal issues, while I am afraid no one nor the judicial system will forgive Mr.Halderman’s truely terrible terrible thing he did!!! The former is just a moral issue while the latter has already broken the criminal law! What a hilarious and wonderful 10 minutes talk about his terrible terrible things that he did on his own show…

Blackmailing is called manipulation using other people’s secrets to achieve dirty evil purposes. Bill Clinton is another person that I think about. He was not blackmailed for 2 millions, but for the future(past) of Americans ( Of course, we now know that his terrible terrible thing cost the bad name of Junior Bush, the fall of the twin towers and the hardships of the present president B.Obama( LOL! Half joking, my readers! )! Obviously, having just one wife or one girlfriend to love or who love them is cruel and not true since the beginning of the history for funny, lovely and great people like letterman and Clinton!

It is great to find out about the truth in this world. The truth about love can be as varied as the shapes of leaves. We all know that the big love is always the same, while the small love is a devil to handle! How do you love your wife and husband? How do you love your kids and parents? How do you love your friends and neighbors? How do you deal with your wife or husband when they discover your lovers??? What do you do next when your 7th marriage is not working like Elizabeth Taylor???

I am divorced twice! 5 times away from E.Taylor!! The big guilt was the reason of my first divorce, because, like Letterman & Clinton, I also did terrible terrible things. Unlike the 2 great men who could handle very well their guilt, I could not! Therefore, I chose to leave as the solution!!! I wonder sometimes if I was Letterman or Clinton, what would I do??? I really think that they are great men not only in bigger domains like being a talk-showman or president, but also great in dealing with the guilt issue and the relationship between their guilt and the reality with all sorts of possible bad effect, accusations and even blackmailing…

Life is a choice! Bad or good do not hang on the hook! Before we do something, we know that there will be consequences! And since we have chosen something and we did it, then we are not afraid! Not afraid to be accused right or wrong, not to be afraid even we could be blackmailed!!! I am quite a lucky lady who is not rich nor famous enough to be blackmailed!!!

Though I was not blackmailed, I was that close to be used for petty women’s manipulation. My ex told his cousin about my terrible terrible thing and she told that to one mutual friend of ours. It would be ok if I didn’t know about their gossip, because we could not shut up other people’s mind and mouths! But unfortunately, the mutual friend told me. Usually, when someone told you something they knew, especially something about you, then they must have a purpose! She and the mutual friend were living very close and they had been friends since university. Because of various reasons that I didn’t and do not want to know, they felt out. The mutual friend obviously was trying to use my secret to win me over her side in her fight with the secret holder! Mmmme, after hearing this awkward secret disclosure in this weird and twisted way for a stupid purpose, I was stunned and silent. I didn’t know how I ended our conversation and what I said to her. But after that, I stopped talking to this mutual friend for 7 years, so did the first secret holder!

We love life and we should love more the respect for others. Personal secrets should be kept and the key should be in the hands of mercy! We spread good news, change bad news into good and keep secrets for our friends. Any one who uses other people’s secrets to achieve their stupid or dark evil purposes are people whose hearts are rotten!

Many people including many of younger generations after the baby-boomers of Quebec, they just simply DO NOT GET married any more!!! What a great solution to this stupid bound of marriage to many people who are not born to stay only with one person and who always have to feel guilty about their terrible terrible nature! What a great solution it has been for people who have been asking themselves questions about their marriage…Is divorce that terrible terrible a thing? Shouldn’t we live happily with our nature and without guilty???

Do I sound like promoting divorce? No, no, no, no! I just want us to live happily without guilt AND people like Halderman or people who dug up the dirt for Mr. Clinton have nothing to use to achieve their dirty,ugly and evil purposes! Hahaha!

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