Trips Back to Cities of China – Shanghai!

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July 21-23, 2009

After 3 years, I am back to China again. Thinking about going back to China for me is just visiting my parents and taking a big rest. I have been having a burn out one month before leaving, suffering symptoms of exhaustion, period disorder, not sleeping well at nights, and worst of all, loosing interest in everything that I do. So it is a great time that I left and did a reset of my body and soul-or you can call it: recharge of my batteries!

Sitting on the plane for 15 hours is not fun, but I had done that 12 times since 1998, so I am quite good at killing the time. Well this time, I learned something new: how to arrange the timing of doing those things so that we do not have to suffer the change of time zone: eat and sleep according to the local time instead of continuing my past habit. It worked! It had to because we had to jump to our feet visiting each big city for a couple of days upon arrival!

Watching movies is a good way of killing time. Never had I felt so luxurious in time and in the choice of movies: 300 movies in all genres of styles and 50 different popular TV programs. The third movie that I watched was a Chinese movie called: Golden Armors All Over the Ground, a Tang Dynasty story in which the Tang dynasty’s richness in colors and styles of clothings, also the glamor of armors of the royal armies were magnificently displayed!

Shanghai is all a very huge city with its main infrastructure very advanced & modern. 30 million people are working for its prosperity-the population of the whole Canada, English,French speaking & allophone all put together! Density of big huge buildings makes the population overlapping and colliding into each other frequently and giant skyscrapers lift people in the air and their eyes and mind as well! I understand that it is these big city nyon lights, the glamorous colors, huge Ad.screens, man-made and sculptured parks make Chinese overseas home sick and lonely while in Montreal or Quebec, the streets are modest with reasonable brightness, no Maglev ou D trains’ loud speakers announcing the stations, either seldom anyone bumped into them or cut right in front of them…Often, most Chinese would find New York suit their tastes as a big city, a city to which they once dreamed to be part. Shanghai, one of the typical and atypical huge cities in the world; Shanghai, the old capital of China’s commerces…

To be continued…

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