Love – dedicated to Phyllis & Christie!

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We are trapped & tangled, deep
by the promise of our past
we have a life that is connected to our promise of the past
obligations linked with our grace tight & fast

We are tired of our routine
yearning for surprises
We are bored of our chores
dreaming being taken away from our fate

Who are we to give our time and energy
carrying out a purpose that no one praises
Who are we to love our kids
who do not say & mean I love you the same way

Yet life changes and love transforms
into time when we feel strange about our past vows
into space where we do not even know who we are
We wake up with nightmares, sweating & struggling…

We start blaming
blaming our husbands for petty things
We start manipulating
thinking that things would be different with chains on him

Nonetheless, it is our life that has changed,
but our mind hasn’t
nevertheless, our heart goes faster & further beyond
than our heads with morals & disciplines

Our life will drain, if no spring to pass under
Our love will die, if no one to hold it tender and high
Who has this power to keep our life forever young?
Who has this wisdom to keep our love alive with time?

We need this filter, to sift the rough
guarding the gold to shine the road
We need to  hold our own anchor
preventing to float away into the river with current flow

Grass over the fence is always greener?
Other people’s life is always easier?
Others’ husbands are surely greater?
our heads try to figure out the grass over, leaving our hearts wonder…

Where is this love that can always comfort us?
Where is this man who can always be there for us?
This love is the love we have for life
This man is not the one beside us!

If we seek love outside our own heart
it is nowhere to be seen
If we search perfect man who turns with us
he is nowhere to be found

I say, hey girls,
just look into your own heart
We have the love that we need
just as comforting and amazing

By finding this love within us
we gain real power for our heart
By finding this love within us
we become forever young with energy, trouble fades away from our heart

If ever one day we would leave to grow
it will never be anyone’s fault
it is only that our heart wins over our head, and
please be kind and keep our love for the ones we have loved.

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