Love! – Dedicated to Joe Sanders

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we all know it so well
and it is so swell!

it is so cliché to mention
and to talk about!

always fell in
and fell out!

when we are in love with someone,
this person makes us feel
expecting, imagining & sensation of flying!

when we love someone,
this person seems to be
the air, the water & the pulse…

when we lost our love,
it makes us feel
lost, confused & time stops going…

Love is our life,

love is our hope;

Love is our wings,
without them, no more flying…

Love is our nicest, finest and noblest sensation,
love is our sweetest home where we are at ease;

Love is our joy when it is returned,
Love is our heart squeezed with lemon juice on when no resonance,
the pain, the sadness, birds without wings…

We build our families on
We trust out friends with
We give our children,
We repay our parents with

With friends, children, parents,
Love is safe,
tumbling, smooth, always there,
with you, my love,
why it appeared and disappeared…

Lived 47 years,
loved, dreamed,
still dreaming and still loving,
don’t know when the heart will settle
don’t know when the love for my love
will stay…when the love for me will stay…

What are we chasing?
the love, the comfort?
the love, the recognition?
the love, the dreams fulfilled?
the love, the fear hidden?

We are so small in the universe,
trying to find someone to be bigger;
We are so insecure when we are awake,
trying to find someone to assure ourselves…

We look, we search,
we hunt and we dream,
Is there anyone who meets our needs?
Is there anyone who can meet our needs?

We always dream,
Dream that we are loved like a child being loved by a Godly parent;
We always dream,
Dream that we always find THE person…
We never know that this person is a ghost,
appearing and disappearing;

We never are willing to confess that we are chasing the wind,
only are always falling in love with us, ourselves, our dreams
the ones who represent our dreams…

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