Investment & Mortgages

With years of paying back the loan for your house or rental properties, you have gained equity that is frozen in your properties. I will help you understand how to use this equity  and how to make it work for you without affecting your present cash flow while you take care of your loved ones.

Or you have money in your bank account sleeping without making any profit, don’t know what a safe investment is nor if you should invest in a risky exhausting small business, then I will open your eyes and you will see how your money will continue to gain its value at this moment when no financial institutions are paying you off the way we do.

With the resource of Hypotheca and my proficiency, I help you find and apply for the most suitable and obtainable mortgage interest and product. Our information and service are free for properties 4 units and under.

Who am I?

Colourful and demonstrative like a peacock; whimsical like a kitten; with the quiet resolve of a larger cat like a lion; the energy of a worker bee… and the wisdom of an old monkey.