Pulse of Love

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Poem Inspired by Paula Vela’s Face Book Posting of Singer Pablo Albaron and my private Salsa dance professor David Zepeda

Dedicated to Paula, Claudia, Lillian, Carolina, Stephane Volet, Qiaofu Duan, Alberto and Paolo Forchielli!

Pulse of Love

I see myself dance Rumba in his music
I see the horizon he depicts by his close voice by my ear
I feel his pulse against my chest and his slight pull on my shoulder
I can die in his arms
Ah…romance never vanishes when love exits
when love lifts us into air, that is called Romantika

I can cry this moment in his arms
and I can melt in his movements of love!
Don’t try to wipe my tears,
cause they are of happiness and joie ( pronounced in French)

“don’t shake my hips too much,
cause I want to stay on the side of yours and feel the pulse of love!”

2 Responses to “Pulse of Love”

  1. claudia

    Hai Bo
    I love your poem
    and the first part of Who caries our soul love it !!!!!!!!!!!
    besos amiga me encanto como escribis, voy a seguir esta muy interesante!!
    i love the way you write i will continue


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