Heavenly Hawai’i! 2 – Why I live in Montreal?

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I thought it takes another 4-5 hours flight from Hawaii to China. No, it takes about 10 hours’s flight! Such a beautiful place with nice and relaxed people who love music and dance and who live in Hawaiian time is a much better and more suitable place for me who is a dance and sports freak! Why I am not living here instead of Montreal where we enjoy 5 months of winter with snow? Well, to go and live in Montreal was not my choice first of all,  and I can still make choices.

Such feeling of living in a wrong place stroke me strongly when we visited the botanical garden yesterday! What a wonderful, wowful and magnificent world of colors and shapes and heights! To say that “Hai Bo In Wonderland” is precise and exact, not any less wonderful and it would win the Oscar Best Set Design instead of the Best Costume Design for Alice. I have seen the strongest, sexiest and the most exotic colors and shapes of my life!

I never buy postcards, but I bought one pack in the nice little shop of the garden to remember the specialty and creation of it. It was purchased in 1977 by an american couple named Dan Lutkenhouse and his wife. They designed and worked years themselves with no government help to make it look like this today. They gave it out for public pleasure and educational purposes…and it is the friends’ support that maintains this garden so beautifully everyday( private charity organization which does not receive government donations)…

We have Botanical gardens in Montreal, but much less biodiversities. We do not have sea beaches and we can not surf. Skiing skills help a bit in surfing and that is great! We went surfing as newbies and we all did well. I had no idea if I could stand up on a 30cm board on the rocky waves, but everything just worked out well. Of course, not too difficult for me as a retired gynast and dance freak. Doing all sports for me is just like dancing or even walking. As I often told my students when I taught dancing, it we have 2 legs that can walk, we can dance!

I love ski as well, but I had no intention to stay on the snow mountain and sigh: ah, I want to stay here days and months skiing. Staring into the blue blue sea and hearing the sound of the waves feeling the bigness of the nature and smallness of me, I  sigh: why I live in Montreal? I want to stay here days, months and years surfing! Here is my home and here is my land even the sun burned the backs of my legs and AUCH they hurt!

To be continued…


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